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Experimental Civics collaborated with BioAustin and CapChem on hosting Austin’s first-ever hackathon.

Experimental Civics won a Mozilla Mini Science Grant for this event


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Experimental Civics collaborated with Red Bull on their Crack the Cooler project. They redesigned a wooden crate to become an interactive, life-size cube which could provide a rare experience for their customers. They wanted to design an experience around collaboration and building relationships.

478 cans rewarded

1.3K Impressions on Snapchat 


Perkins School for the Blind wanted to innovate and provide better designed products and applications for the blind and visually-impaired community.

100 student hackers under age 30

7 challenge experts

6 challenges

22 projects

8 judges

10 workshop leaders


McCombs School of Business wanted to innovate through the business lens and provide better human-centered products and applications for the Austin community.

3 projects hacked

62 registered hackers

9 judges

8 mentors


Microsoft wanted to facilitate new design thinking activities for youth focused on social good.

130 Participants <10 Years of Age

433 Civic Ideas

6 hours of Imagineering


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Our Founder Sarah Sharif worked on this event for 4 years in a row. She was the Event Director for the 2016-18 events.


2016 - Largest Civic Hack in the U.S.



157 Total Projects Hacked

50 to 667 Participants

4 Annual 3-Day Sprints