What is Civic Design? | 5 minute Exercise to Get Started

Civic design is defined by Naked Civics as, “A practice that focuses on the common good outcomes of our communities by pulling upon all of the institutional tools in our communities, beyond our traditional sole focus on government alone.”

Civic design is basically a human-centered approach to serving each other and finding ways that we can better shape our community to be what we ultimately want it to be while servicing the needs of all. I personally think of it as a mechanism to empower all the voices in an area, as it’s rare to have everyone at the table talking about what they want to see happen.

I recently discovered the Process Lab at the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum, which is an amazing take on civic design.

The Process Lab was launched to provide an immersive experience on how to start thinking like a designer. Visitors engage in both digital and physical activities that are split into 4 different categories: getting ideas, prototyping with materials, critiquing, and evaluating everyday design solutions.

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