5 Ways You Can Use Local Hacking Sprints to Change the World

How does social change happen?

During our Skype conversations, we often found ourselves coming back to this question. Most of these conversation circled back to the potential of local innovation. After all, it’s people who know what they, their families and their communities need. All we need is a way to uncover that knowledge and transform it.

Per Sarah’s experience as a civic hacker, local community efforts such as hackathons can do just that… and it is in these pockets of creativity that we believe lies the power to push progress towards positive outcomes.

So here are 5 ways that you can use local hacking sprints to change the world:

Include everyone

Community events are usually open to the general public and free of charge. And civic hackathons are spaces where the community gets to decide what they want to talk about. What they want to act on. The event urges people to engage with all ages and backgrounds.

The premise is that together, you will come up with ideas and solutions to real, lived problems. Including everyone will lead to a group of people as diverse as possible.

Diversity is indispensable when it comes to figuring out what problem to solve, and what the potential solution could be. Including everyone is your best bet to find a lived problem and create a lived solution for it.

Set a clear agenda

Every community has its own issues. Each community has their own history, culture, and demographic makeup. There is no one solution to all of these problems and for us to successfully tackle these hurdles, we have to be clear in our agenda. No matter whether communities are across the world or less than 5 miles apart, we have to each share the common goal and work together effectively to achieve that goal.

Whether it is by having smaller, workable community projects or larger challenges, each effort should play a strategic role in the creation of solutions. Having a clear agenda means that you’re transparent in your goals. It will allow you to align a group of people who share a focus. This is your setup for success.

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