How to Evolve into a Smart City Without Leaving Anyone Behind

I had the pleasure of recently attending the Smart City Connect conference in Kansas City. For one, talk about a hidden gem. I had no idea what I would expect when I was landing…just having images like this flash in my head. (Yes, we’re all subject to stereotypes and biases.)

Secondly, I was taken back by the juxtaposition of the culture and history of the city. I opted to stay in a small bed and breakfast. A big reason why I love travel is for the chance to hear stories from others and to learn more about the place I’ve managed to land myself into. Hello World.

Straight away, I was blown by the history due to the railways…Kansas City was the hub for the United States and to my surprise, jazz and art was bleeding from different sections of the city.

I had a moving conversation with another guest about what the future meant for the city and how we could better preserve the personality while also building a city where life could be lived again. Where the diverse culture could be elevated in line with the technology.

And there you had it. Munching on toast, I could feel the weight of loss settling in our conversation. So how should our cities evolve?

  1. We should grieve together
  2. We should celebrate together
  3. We should build together

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